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Wow. My life has just been saved thanks to the wonderful website prosper.com. It's person to person lending and people can loan you money and when your loan has been 100% funded, then they get the interest back on whatever they decided to loan you. AND you can choose what interest rate you want to pay the loan back at and the lenders can bid it DOWN. AWESOME.

My loan is for 6000 dollars at 17% interest. Which is high, but I'm hoping it'll go down. I still have my listing up for one more week. But either way, I KNOW that I have the money now and I don't have to worry about wether or not a bank will approve me. AND it builds up my credit!!! I LOVE IT!!!

So that takes care of TWO things on my list.......the loan and the laptop!!! OH, I am SO happy!!! And tomorrow, Ron and I will be purchasing our tickets to Christchurch, New Zealand. How exciting. =) It looks like we will be heading there on June 30th. It's a Monday. The only thing that sucks is the prices on the tickets that I'm looking at are up by 100 bux. SUCKAGE!!! Oh well, at least I know I have money now to make up for it!!!

I also purchased a new Jansport suitcase that is super cute. That should arrive this next week. It's so great to get the ball rolling......FINALLY!!! I never thought it would happen. Very cool.

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Putting ideas out there......

I finally touched base with Ron and in a conversation that lasted about 5 minutes, we had a rough outline of the basic ideas for our trip. I told him that I want him to get the most out of his money since he only has 8 or so days there. So the south island is where we should go. I think we're gonna fly into Christchurch, spend a few days there and then grab ourselves a rental car and head down to Queenstown taking the most scenic route we can.

After doing some research on Christchurch and Queenstown, I'm actually quite excited to go to those places. I've spent most of time looking up information on the north island because I'm really interested in Wellington and the Bay of Islands. But Southland looks just as amazing as the north. When Ron leaves, I would like to stay in Queenstown for a good month or so........assuming, of course, that I DO end up liking it there. Ron wants to do a bit of snowboarding and I've never done it before so I figure Queenstown is the perfect place to learn it.

The bars and nightlife look really fun as well. I just want to hang out with the locals and see what there is to see. I can't wait!!! It's going to be SO much fun!!! Ron will be calling me tomorrow to get a few more things set in stone and then we can start booking the things that we need. YAY!!!

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WHV Approved!!!

I checked the New Zealand immigration website today and found out that my Working Holiday Visa has just been approved!!! Hooray!!! Again, another box to tick off the list. Now all I have to worry about now is:

1) Loan
2) Laptop
3) Flight

Granted those ARE the 3 most expensive and important parts of my trip planning, but parts that are essential nonetheless. If worse comes to worse, I can always go without having a new laptop, but man, would that suck. It all depends on if I get the loan anyway. However the cool thing is, as far as proof of funds goes, credit cards count for that. I mean, I would use that as a last resort but it's nice to know I have my options. I'm gonna go for a loan around 5 grand. I think that would be good for getting my laptop and my flight. And I also just received my federal tax return which is around a grand so that will help out big time. I plan on going for this loan in about a month. Give me some time to pay off a bit more on my credit card. Every little bit helps!!!

I have such a good feeling about all this. That feeling that makes you go "Wow, I'm really going to do this!!!" I never thought that I would go and live in another country by myself for a year. What a trip. Literally.

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My passport arrived in the mail today!!! It was such a good feeling to open it up and look at my OWN passport. I've never had one before. It's so cool!!!

Now I can apply for my working holiday visa. It's just another box that I can tick off of the list. One step closer.

I also talked to Melanie today and it looks like her and Dale will be visiting me around June 11th which will push my trip back by about a week. That's okay. I think I can handle that. I still need to get a hold of Ron and find out his opinions on when to go, what to do, how to do it........etc.

Now I just need to hope that I'll get approved for that loan and I'm good to go!!!

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New Plans......

Okay. So after talking to a nice gentleman that I met on the boards, I have decided that instead of going through BUNAC, I'm going to apply for the Working Holiday Visa online and work it all out on my own. Not only will I save some money, but I'll have a sense of accomplishment when it's all finished. Which I think is a big deal because I've never done anything like this on my own.

Yesterday, I sent out my application for my passport. It was such a relief to get that done!!! The lady who helped me was so sweet and you could tell that she had a LOT of patience. Which I would imagine you would need in a job like that. And apparently Idaho is a really easy state to get your passport in and she told me that some people have gotten them in as quickly as 2 weeks!!! YAY!!! I can't wait to get it. It will feel more "official" when I have it in my hands.

Until I get that, I can't really do much else right now. I have to have my passport in order to apply for the Working Holiday Visa. So I'll just have to wait and sit tight!!!

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