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December 2008

Christmas Eve Shenanigans in Russell!!!


Okay, here's a whole crapload of photos of us out and about on Christmas Eve!!!


Crazy times!!! And here's a few other randoms from the past week or so:


YAY!!! Good times, good times. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful gifts and I hope you all had a happy Christmas!!! I will be back after the New Year to post our New Year's Eve pics. YAY!!! Also, for all my friends back home........my flatmate, Rowan is getting internet set up next week so I will be way easier to get in touch with than before. And it'll be CHEAPER!!! What a relief. Love you all!!!


P.S. Grandma, I got your card the other day. THANK YOU!!! Look for a post card in the mail soon!!!

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Another quickie.....

.....with some photos!!!

sunny 72 °F

Here's some photos I took recently of my flatmates and coworkers:

Suzanne, me and Aki on our way to KeriKeri to do some shopping!!!

Our other flatmate, Rowan, chopped this tree down for us cuz we were all feeling a bit homesick what with Christmas coming around and all that. So that was our pathetic attempt at Christmas in the southern hemisphere.

This crawled out of the tree the next day. Look at how freaking big it is!!!

Yet another Russell sunset. They never get old.

Even Russell has Christmas parades. It's a bit odd seeing Santa next to the beach, though.

Samwise holding the fish tray!!! I'm so proud of her!!!

And me with the fish tray. My arms get a good workout.

Nick in the background and my boss, Bernard, in the front. Look at his stupid face.

This is Arnaud, our dishie. He's also French.

Me at the Pub after a super busy night at work.



Nick..........on crack. He reminds of a mix between Bret from Flight of the Conchords and Sean Lennon.

Bernard with that stupid face again.

Just a few photos for you to enjoy. Something funny..........Bernard and I found out that we have the same birthday. CRAZY!!! Also, I've been working out with Samwise and I've lost two pounds and 3 inches off of my waist. I'm convinced that we measured wrong but we did it like three times and we got the same results. CRAZY again!!! But cool. Alrighty, that is all. Don't think I'll post again before Christmas so everyone take care and have a very happy Christmas!!! Love you!!!

Sara ;)

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One month ago today........


.........was the last time I blogged.

Some of you are probably wondering what the heck is going on. Well, maybe not. But just say that you have been and it will make me feel much better about myself.

My flat mate, Lena, left Russell about a week and a half ago to get ready for her trip to Australia. I took her out for coffee and cake. We went to a restaurant called “Gannett’s” which is owned by a very nice German man that Lena got to know while she was here. She asked if he would make apple cake for his “cake of the day” right before she left as it’s her favorite kind of cake. He said he would and he ended up making her a whole cake for herself. It was like an apple crumble and it was quite tasty.


Then later that night she came into The Gables to have dinner as Bernard makes dinner for all his employees when they leave. Very nice. I got to serve her and it was really fun.

Replacing Lena are two very nice girls from England named Sam and Suzanne. We all get on very well. I share a room with Sam but I call her “Samwise” as anyone who knows me would expect. Aki and Suzanne are in the other room. We’ve been having a very good time working and living together. Although there hasn’t been very much working going on. The weather here always changes as it does when you live by the ocean. For two days it’ll be very sunny and absolutely gorgeous but then the next two days it rains cats and dogs and that effects whoever works in the garden bar as you can’t really open the garden bar if it’s pouring down outside. I haven’t really lost any hours since I’m inside all the time but I do feel bad for the girls as they are only here five weeks and they need to save up a lot of money for Australia which is their next stop. I told them it should get better after Christmas as Bernard and Megan told us that’s when it picks up every year.

Speaking of work, we have now changed to the summer menu and The Gables is now a fish specialty restaurant. Meaning that I now get to go to all the tables with a tray of dead fish telling the customers about all the different kinds that we got in fresh that day and then they pick it out. Once it’s cooked, we then get to go out to the table and fillet it for them. And they get the whole dead fish. It’s really crazy and it’s something I never thought I’d do as a waitress but hey, there’s a first time for everything. Here's Suzanne filleting her first fish:


It wasn’t as easy for Sam as it was for me. Sam has a phobia of dead fish and was not aware that she would have to be around dead fish at work all day. Bernard did not make it aware that they would be cutting up bits of fish for the next five weeks. The first day that we had a go at it she started to cry and at first I thought she was upset for the fish as she’s a vegetarian but she was just straight up scared of the face. But since then she has filleted many fish and has overcome her fear. I’m so proud of her!!!

She also overcame her fear of heights and did a sky jump at Lake Taupo which is the middle of the north island. Go Samwise!!!

Time has gone by in Russell extremely fast. November came and went. I honestly think that that is the fastest a month has EVER gone by for me. It was literally over and done with. I also realized about two weeks ago that I have been in New Zealand now for five months. Which would make it five and a half months now. Crazy. That really trips me out, especially considering how I’ve been wanting to come here for the last seven years. Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess. Although I haven’t had much fun in Russell. It’s pretty boring. But since there have been more people in the flat it’s a bit more entertaining. The other night we got some beers and watched some scary movies. Always a good idea, if you ask me.

I’m really excited for the next three months to get over with. ‘Cause that means Curtis will be visiting!!! I’m excited to see more of the country and with someone who I’ve known for a long time. I already have tons of ideas of what we can do and see. And I can’t wait to get back to the south island as I like it a lot better. And I want him to meet all of the friends that I’ve made. YAY!!!

I’ve been listening to my ipod a lot lately as it was broken for awhile. For some reason, it refused to turn off. I don’t get it either, but whatever. So I had to charge it every night if I wanted to listen to it the next day so after awhile I just got tired of doing that and just let it die. Then one day it just started working again out of the blue. Which I’m really glad it did ‘cause there are tons of great songs that go along with the scenery while I’m walking to work. I wish that it would’ve worked in Christchurch. There would’ve been some great songs for the scenery there. I came up with a list of some of the songs that go perfect with Russell scenery. And also with the scenery that I saw while taking the bus from Auckland to Paihia. And they are, in no particular order:

“I’m Waiting for the Man” David Bowie
This is one of those songs I play on my way to work to give myself some energy and to put me in a good mood for the day. Plus, the song just flat out rocks. It’s the live version.

“America” Simon and Garfunkel I think this song would go well with any kind of scenery but it sure goes well with the scenery here.

“Nineteen hundred and eighty five” Wings This is much like the David Bowie song mentioned above. Freaking awesome song. Good for getting you pumped up.

“Man on the Moon” R.E.M. Love it. Good for a slow walk.

“Corrina, Corrina” Bob Dylan Beautiful song and again, good for a slow walk when you just want to observe your surroundings.

“The Rain Song” Led Zeppelin I actually listened to this song when it was raining here and it truly is a rain song.

“Nude” Radiohead I listened to this on the bus ride up here and with the rolling green hills in the background it was a perfect match.

“That’s the Way” Led Zeppelin Another great road trip song.

“Jack-ass” Beck I’ve always loved this song. Yet another song to add to the road trip playlist.

“In My Time of Dying” Led Zeppelin I don’t know if it’s just ‘cause I like this song a lot or not because it’s one of those jamming songs that lasts forever but the lyrics really stand out to me and I listened to it in Russell for the first time.

“Cemeteries of London” Coldplay I love this song and it’s kinda eerie which the title would suggest. But it’s awesome.

There are others, of course. But they represent more of time here in New Zealand so far, not necessarily just the scenery. But that list is for another time.

Here's a cute photo of Timone sleeping in a box I got in the mail:


Little bugger.

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