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July 2010

Curtis and Sara's adventures throughout New Zealand Part 4

Day One in New Zealand's capitol city, Wellington!!!

The next morning, Curtis and I woke up early because we had the rental car until 2 p.m. so we wanted to take advantage of it. We decided to go to none other than the Weta Cave!!! I know that you have seen loads of photos of me there before, so I won't bore you with more of them. But here are just a couple of Curtis and I standing outside:


Curtis loved the Weta Cave but wouldn't buy anything cause he's a loser.

Next we took a drive around the bays known as "Island Bay" and "Oriental Bay".


When you look at travel sites for New Zealand, they always show that photo for Wellington. Well I actually got to go there so HA!!! ;)

We then drove up to Mt. Victoria where there were more filming locations. I had been there already but of course Curtis had to see it, too. So we parked the car and took a walk up the hill. A very long, steep walk, to be exact. On our journey we found a swing:

Seriously. It was so scary. When it's up on a hill where the hill is going down from under you??? Forget it. Here's photos:


Here's more of Mt. Victoria:

How cool are those trees?!?!?!?!

So anyway, the one thing we did that I didn't do the last time I was there was walk to the very top of Mt. Victoria where they have spectacular views. So that's what we did:


We then found out when we got to the top that we could've driven our car up there. *Sigh* Oh, well. We needed the exercise anyway. On the way down we found this dog park. We just liked the name:


Our next stop was Cuba Street as it's one of the main areas of Wellington City AND they have really good shopping and cafes. We stopped to get some crepes:


The crepe place was right next to this alley with like the sickest looking graffitied wall I have ever seen:


I'm sure there's cooler but I thought that was pretty damn cool.

As we were enjoying our crepes, the power went out in the entire city. People were like huh??? And they all started to wander the streets:


We headed more downtown to see how far the power had gone out and it went all the way to the museum:


I started to worry a bit because I didn't know how bad it was and that night was gonna be me and Curtis' first real night out in New Zealand. We were gonna see a band play. I didn't want a power outage to ruin my night!!! But alas, four hours later and it was back on. YAY!!! We went back to the hostel, took a short nap and then started to get ready for our night out. Here we are all set to go:


We had our first drink at BASEment Bar, of course and then headed back over to Cuba Street to a club called "The San Francisco Bath House". It was a really cool funky looking club with a nice bar and a big stage for the band. We were gonna see a New Zealand band called Six60. For not knowing anything about the band, we were pleasantly surprised. They were really good!!! They were kinda rock/reggae. This is the only good photo:


And even that photo is not good. I just like how it looks. Here's some of Curtis and I at the show as we slowly got more retarded:


Not a bad first day in Wellington if I do say so myself. =)

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