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April 2008

Loan, Laptop, Flight........DONE!!!

So, my loan was funded. That same day I went to my local MAC store and ordered my new macbook!!! And yesterday, I received it. It's the coolest thing in the history of time. I can't stop playing with it. I LOVE IT!!!

So now all the main things that I wanted to take care of on that list I made are now taken care of. Loan....check. Laptop......check. Flight......check.

And a couple of weeks ago my suitcase came in the mail. It's really cute but I'm wondering if it's a bit too big. But then I figure that since I'll be staying in one place at least one month at a time, then it should be okay. Plus, I'm gonna wanna buy new clothes when I'm there so the extra space will be nice. YAY!!! Don't you love it when everything comes together??? I sure do.

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Flight is booked!!!

On Sunday, Ron booked our tickets!!! We leave for New Zealand on Saturday, June 28th!!! Woo-hoo!!! It feels so official, now. Ron will only be able to stay for 6 days which is a little disappointing but at least I'll have someone I know with me for the first week. Better than nothing, I shouldn't complain.

In other news.......my loan listing on prosper.com is now down to 10.45% interest!!! And that's going down from 17%!!! I ROCK!!! It's good to know that even if it's not at the interest rate that I want I can still get a loan anyway. I'm tellin' you, people.......prosper.com is the bomb!!!

More as it develops......... =)

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Wow. My life has just been saved thanks to the wonderful website prosper.com. It's person to person lending and people can loan you money and when your loan has been 100% funded, then they get the interest back on whatever they decided to loan you. AND you can choose what interest rate you want to pay the loan back at and the lenders can bid it DOWN. AWESOME.

My loan is for 6000 dollars at 17% interest. Which is high, but I'm hoping it'll go down. I still have my listing up for one more week. But either way, I KNOW that I have the money now and I don't have to worry about wether or not a bank will approve me. AND it builds up my credit!!! I LOVE IT!!!

So that takes care of TWO things on my list.......the loan and the laptop!!! OH, I am SO happy!!! And tomorrow, Ron and I will be purchasing our tickets to Christchurch, New Zealand. How exciting. =) It looks like we will be heading there on June 30th. It's a Monday. The only thing that sucks is the prices on the tickets that I'm looking at are up by 100 bux. SUCKAGE!!! Oh well, at least I know I have money now to make up for it!!!

I also purchased a new Jansport suitcase that is super cute. That should arrive this next week. It's so great to get the ball rolling......FINALLY!!! I never thought it would happen. Very cool.

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