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March 2009

Longest gap between blogs EVER!!!

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This is the longest I've gone without blogging so far on my trip. Sorry, people!!! The job search and the day to day worrying of surviving got in the way of all my blogging shenanigans. But I'm back. I'm black. I'm madder than a heart attack.

Not really.

So, what has happened since the last blog??? Well, there was the Cuba Street Carnival which was cool. Cuba Street is one of the main shopping areas in Wellington. It's pretty urban. Really cool shops there. But anyways, lots of bands played and there were Jamaican's selling jerk chicken and all that good stuff. Later in the evening they had the parade which was quite neat. Lots of cool costumes.

The next big thing was I finally got a job!!! Most people know that by now but it's mandatory that I blog about it in my blog about traveling and working overseas. I work at a cafe called "Esquire's Coffee Houses". They sell fair trade organic coffee and it's quite tasty. I'm full time, all day shifts. So that works out perfect 'cause then at night I can clean at the hostel for my bed. So I'm not paying any rent!!! I love it. I work mostly with a girl named Helen who is the other full timer here. We were hired at the same time. She's very sweet. She's 18 but seems much older. We get on very well.

The other event that has passed is I had my 28th birthday!!! Holy mother. Twenty-eight. I remember my 21st birthday like it was yesterday. And besides this birthday that I just had that was the coolest one ever as I was with my bestest friends and I had a hobbit cake. Best cake ever. Curtis got it for me. =)

But anyways, for this birthday the girls and I decided to get all dressed up to go out. I got a cute pink number AND a tiara. It was so cute!!! Here are the photos that I and others took that night:

Rose, Shelly, me, Hayley and Sinead

Me and Shellie

Shellie and CK

Sinead and Hayley

Tom aka Tingols aka Frodo

Shellie, Sinead and Maria (Maria is teaching me Spanish!!!)

Me and Tom aka Tingols aka Frodo



Didn't really take that many photos. My friends took more.

Then this last Friday we went out for Rose as it was her last weekend at the hostel before she goes off to travel the south island. Here's some photos from that:

This photo reminds me of a Spice Girls video!!!

Hayley, Shellie and Liz. Liz works at an Irish pub called "Molly Malones". Rose works there with her.

Hayley and me. Hayley is from Northern Ireland.

Shellie and me.

Me and Hayley.

And again.


Me and Rose.

Most of these photos were taken at a bar/restaurant called "St. John's". There was a bartender there who looked like a taller more rugged version of Elijah Wood so we asked if we could take a photo of him:

"Who does he remind me of???"

He looks more like him in person than in photos. And he was really nice, too.

I'm becoming more and more comfortable at the hostel. It's nice to have all of your friends around so when you get bored you can find someone to talk to or to make dinner with. Sometimes we have DVD nights. I have the best movie collection in the hostel (as one would guess ;) so everyone asks to watch mine. Here we are watching "Spaced" in the hall right outside our dorm rooms:

That's Kay on the left. She's from England but she has a really strong accent and I thought she was from Ireland. Then there's Hayley and Tom. Tom is from Kent, England. Total sweetheart. Here he is playing DJ:


While we play spoons:

The other guy on the left is Miles and he's from Canada.

Well, I was gonna write more but right now I can't be bothered. Oh, but I will say that Curtis is visiting in June and I'm SUPER stoked!!! We are gonna start planning things out very soon. Of course, we will take tons of photos and post those up when we get the chance. We only have 2 weeks to fit in the whole country so hopefully we can squeeze in a blog here and there. Until next time!!!

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