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January 2009

Slight change of plans and a load of other crap...

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Hello faithful blog readers!!!

Since my last blog there's just been a slight change of plans. Aki will no longer be going with me to Wellington. Her poor grandmother is sick so she will be going back to Auckland in case she will have to fly home last minute. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers. She will still go with me to Taupo but instead of heading on to Wellington she will just take the bus back to Auckland. If things start looking better she will head back down to Wellington and get a hold of me. Let's hope for the best!!!

On a more positive note.....

I find myself surfing the net a lot more lately. Maybe 'cause I have an internet connection now, go figure. But anyway. Today I decided to see if the actor/writer Simon Pegg had an official website and he does. You can find it here: http://peggster.net/ I was very excited to find the following blog entry on the main news page:

"After months of speculation and bare faced denial, I can finally say yes, Nick and I will be appearing as the Thom(p)son Twins in Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson's forthcoming motion capture adaptation of Tin Tin. It's been on the cards for ages but because it hadn't been announced by HQ, we couldn't really confirm it. It's weird when you have to be so clandestine about something essentially so ephemeral but I guess it comes down to making the announcement when the time was right and not simply because the scoop hounds are barking. I've actually been working on another movie for over a year now without my involvement being announced. There's even a trailer in theaters. I'll be able to tell you all about that soon. Just got to wait for the nod from the PR bods.
All this will in no way affect Paul. We are still due to start shooting in spring and our commitments to the quiffed, Belgian, boy reporter will be over for the time being by then. Nick and I are off to LA in a couple of weeks to start rehearsals. I'm really looking forward to working with Andy Serkis, who aside from being a prodigiously talented actor, is one of the nicest chaps you could ever wish to meet.

And in case you're wondering how on earth Nick and I are going to play virtually identical twins, as I said over on Peggster.net, let's not forget we will be working with the technology that transformed Mr. Serkis into a messed up hobbit and a 40 foot gorilla, two things which have coincidentally been used on occasion, to describe myself and Nick.

Hope 2009 is being good to everyone so far. And to our LA contingent, you will soon able to see Nick and I doing homoerotic work outs on Santa Monica beach.


How freaking awesome is that??? Why is it that all of my favorite people end up working together in some shape or form??? Now the only combination left would be Steven Spielberg with Ricky Gervais. A devoted Jewish man and an evolution believing atheist who shuns any type of Godly beings. I smell a sitcom!!! But for real, this is really cool. And random considering that I just got the "Spaced" series on DVD for Christmas (thanks, mom!!!) and have started to get back into Simon Pegg. Unreal.

Speaking of TV, I've mentioned before that New Zealand is a bit behind when it comes to American sitcoms. (So, in that case, no one mention ANYTHING about LOST until I have said that I've seen it. I don't want any spoilers!!!) We may not have season 5 of LOST yet, but New Zealand has been treated to the new MTV show "Paris Hilton's: My New BFF". You've got to be kidding. I saw it on the telly at work when I walked in for my shift. What a joke. One of the episodes, Paris sends them to an amusement park and she says "I have to see who looks the hottest upside down on a roller coaster ready to blow chunks." Are you for real??? What has American television come to??? We are so desperate for new material that we have to watch Paris Hilton pick out a new best friend??? Okay, one... whoever "wins" this "competition" will be seen with Paris for probably one week after it's done and then she/he will be old news. Two... all of those people are actors, and crappy ones at that. So none of it is real in the first place. Three... all the people on there are carbon copies of Paris but they threw in one ugly Asian girl to make it look like they were being fair at who they were choosing to be on the show. I'm tellin' you, my IQ was lowered from watching 5 minutes of that program. Stay away from it if you want to save brain cells. After work that night, when I got home the 2nd Pirates film was on. Normally I would've changed the channel or put in a DVD but because of the utter disgrace of a television program that was on earlier, I had no problem watching this film. At least you can say that they were being creative when they made this movie. And by creative, I mean the art department. Everything else about that film is crap. I feel about the Pirate sequels the way Star Wars fans feel about the prequels. One could also argue that they were being creative when they wrote the screenplay for it. Although they were probably shrooming.

Oscar noms have been announced. I can't wait to get to Wellington to see some of them. I have yet to see every single film that has been nominated for best picture before the Oscars have aired. I would like to do that this year but I don't think all the films will be playing in New Zealand. I know that I'll be able to see "Benjamin Button" and "Slumdog Millionaire". That's a surprise, that one. Donna and I were saying how Danny Boyle is not an Oscar picture director. So the fact that he has a film up for best picture is extremely intriguing and I can't wait to see it. I love all the films that I've seen of his.... "Trainspotting", "28 Days Later", "Sunshine", "The Beach". He's quite good. So I'm super stoked to see it. The other films are Frost/Nixon, Milk and The Reader. I haven't hear of Milk before. All I know is Sean Penn is in it and he's nominated for best actor. I like Sean Penn. I'm a bit disappointed that "In Bruges" only has one nomination. That's one of my favorite films from the past year. AND it's from Focus Features. But it is nominated for original screenplay and that's cool. Better than nothing. I went on the Oscars website and they have a section for movie posters of best picture winners and it says "See posters for every movie that's won a best picture Oscar" or something to that effect. The picture that they had for the link was "The Return of the King" poster. Ah, memories. Here's something to make you feel old... Curtis, Donna and Melissa... "The Return of the King" Oscar Party was FIVE YEARS AGO. How sad is that??? It also makes me realize that they started filming the trilogy TEN YEARS AGO. I wanna put my head into a pillow and cry. But bring on the Oscars!!!

Well, that's all for now. I probably won't update again until I get to Wellington so until then, Happy Awards Season!!!

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Happy New Year!!!

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Happy 2009 from the country that celebrates the New Year first........... New Zealand!!!

As if you didn't know what place I was talking about.

So, I have a new plan for the new year. My friend, Curtis, has decided to postpone his trip to visit me until June. Therefore, I have decided to leave Russell one month earlier than intended (trust me, I'm not AT ALL upset about it) and go and live in Wellington until he arrives. WOO-HOO!!! I am so excited to get to a proper city with movie cinemas, Starbucks, bars, clubs, cafes, bookstores, music stores......... you name it. Three months in a one-horse town is good enough for me. It's only confirmed what I already know about myself. I'm a city girl at heart!!! Not to mention that Wellington is ground zero for 75% of Lord of the Rings production and also the upcoming "Hobbit" film. YAY geekiness!!!

My flat mate, Aki, who also works with me at The Gables has decided to venture with me down to Wellington. We are all booked. We take the bus on Monday, February 2nd down to the middle of the north island and we're gonna stay two nights in the town of Taupo. It's basically just a summer touristy town like the Bay of Islands but with a lake instead of the ocean. After our two nights there we will then take the bus down to Wellington. YAY!!! I've been planning ahead and I've already acquired an interview for a new restaurant that is opening up a week after I get to the city. It's called "Fratelli's" and as you can tell by the name, it's Italian. It's right in the heart of city center. How exciting!!! The guy that I spoke with on the phone sounded very nice and he said that he was actually gonna call me later in the day but I got to him first. At least I know he's keen. I hope I get it, wish me luck!!! Of course, I will be on the lookout for other job opportunities in the area but this is the first one that I've gotten an interview for.

We've finally gotten internet in our flat. About 3 months too late but still better than nothing. I can finally video chat with friends and all that good stuff without paying six dollars an hour for it. Lovely.

For the new year, the girls and I hung out in the garden bar as Bernard got a DJ to play there. We also got half off our drinks so you can't complain about that!!! After the new year hit we headed over to this hotel called "The Duke of Marlborough" where they had a live band playing. That place was nice. We watched some fireworks and got a free pizza from the pizza shop!!! Free food is always nice. Here's a few photos from the night:


Suzanne and Samwise took off on the 12th of January to go to Australia. And from there they are heading on to Asia. How exciting!!! I miss them tons. But they said I am welcome to stay with them if I ever go to England. YAY!!! Love you, girls!!!

I think that is all for now. I will post some photos of our time in Taupo and once I get settled in Wellington I'll post a big blog of how things have gone so far. Cheers!!!


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