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So yesterday I arrived in the west coast town of Oamaru.

And there ain't much to say about it.

And I should've known because I told 3 different people where I was headed and the first one said "Oh yeah, that place is small." The second one said "That's an interesting choice." And the third one said "Really???" like in that are you joking or serious kind of way. Great.

The thing I loved about Queenstown, is that you didn't have to leave the place you were staying to feel the energy of that city. I was sitting in the lounge of the backpacker's place and I looked out the window and saw people parasailing right in front of me. But you didn't even need to look out the window to know that there were all kinds of things going on out there. You could totally feel the vibe. And you didn't need to leave the building to feel it cuz the energy would come into that hostel every day. Although Oamaru is beautiful and it's right by the ocean and there's amazing scenery, this place does NOT have that energy/vibe. And that makes all the difference in the world. Especially when you're traveling on your own.

Thankfully, however, it's still been easy making conversation with new people. Last night I met 3 English people traveling together (2 girls 1 guy) and they were on a round the world trip. It seems like a lot of English people do that. But anyway, they were way sweet and easy to talk to. There was another guy there from Birmingham, England who sounded like a mix of Ozzy Osbourne and Ringo Starr from the Yellow Submarine cartoon. Not the same accent, but he had the same tone to his voice but with the accent of Ozzy Osbourne. It was insane. He was funny though. There was another nice English kid who was very sweet (who's name I also forgot) and a kid named Michael who's from Australia. He is also very nice. I haven't met one mean person in a backpacker's place yet. *Knocks on wood* This hostel has a basement with a pool table and we stayed in there all night drinking a local beer that was quite good (New Zealand has excellent beers) and just talking about our travels and anything else. They were very chill people.

Speaking of the hostel, this building is incredibly old. It was established in 1867, I believe and used to be the home of someone important. I can't remember the exact story but you can totally tell how old the building is cuz you can hear it everywhere. The stairs are loud, the floor is loud, you can hear the other person's room from your room that's down the hall but it's not bad. It's not dirty but it looks like it's falling apart in that "Wow, this is a really cool old building ." kinda way. The bed's are really comfortable but the building is very cold as you can imagine an old building would be. I have my own room and also free internet. Which is great since I'll be on it a lot while I'm here.

I started my cleaning duties this morning which wasn't that bad at all. This German girl named Katrina is the current cleaner for this hostel and she showed me where everything was and helped me with the cleaning. Together it took us about an hour to get everything done and when she leaves it'll probably take me about an hour and a half to finish everything on my own. Not bad for not having to pay for my bed. Basically, I'm doing what I should've done while I was living with my parents. Haha.

The most I'll stay here is 2 weeks and then after that I think I'm gonna head to Christchurch. I like that city much better and I would enjoy working there more than here. I just wish Queenstown wasn't so gosh darn busy!!!

Tonight I watched "Almost Famous" with the Australian guy, the German girl and the guy from Birmingham that sounds like Ozzy Osbourne. That's one of those movies that when you watch it you forget how good it is and it's one of those feel good movies. And I felt like I could relate to it a lot now because they do a lot of traveling in that movie, moving from city to city, meeting new people. I looked at it in a whole different light. I love it. I brought the DVD with me and I think I might watch it again tonight when I go to bed.

Tomorrow, I think I might go out to the beach and take some photos. See if I can see some of the blue penguins. They look really cute. Talk to you guys later!!!

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hurray i joined travellers point!!! I've been reading your happy little blogs and they make me smile! you are finally an official hobbit! im so proud of you! i want to try and visit you next year that would be so incredibly bomb!

im so thankful that you haven't run into any people you want to kick in the face yet (knock on wood) :) and so many different types of people. have you met any americans yet? you're like the only one which is kinda bad ass. it's like me being the only one from Idaho who lives in new york. people in new york get really excited when you say you're from idaho they think it's the coolest thing....sure whatev........

your pictures are beautiful! it kinda looks like Idaho, but it has its own character. even the water in the river is extremely blue its insane! i hope you can take some pictures of the blue penguins! I <3 penguins! take to you soon! <3Panda 8:0)

by pandakay

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